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Wisdom Text
Life's Sacred Aspect
Masterpiece of Words

Wisdom poems presented by Kyko, the artist's best work so far. His speak on the women he has met on his journey to wisdom is a must read for serious minded men of today. Visit his site, Languag of Sages, for the most up to date copy and inspiration from Kyko.

Sabena's first book, filled w/errors as it rolled down from creation! You may get a glimspe of the creative as life unfolded. Perfected copy of this wisdom text is available only from the artist. You decide which version of truth you prefer

  • Great Mothers- knowledge

  • Sun fun silly stuff

  • Matrix Life continues

  • Heaven s Fields- knowledge more knowledge

a child repeating sounds? Chameleon

Chameleon  Life Destroy destroy destroy After he destroyed he destroyed destroyed destroyed Falling down repeating over and over

Ice Cream

Fun Fashions

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