Path of Light 

Song of the day shows that even the ears will quake with pleasure at the trouble of others in love and life!  This thought extracted from a Gikuyu proverb; there is no pleasure, which does not make the ear shake!

                         Bellydance,  beginners to intermediate dance.

Path of light

POL is a brainchild of MaRimba. Video of today asserts that in life, sure, like the angry scientist, pick your passion and stick to it!

Wisdom Arts:

words w/no violence, proverbs & wisdom


Words w/no violence, gestures of love and life. Above, Native American and Asian arts. Fullfillment ot the dream from long, long ago by a beautiful (American) weaver, life finds itlself

Pure estrogen does it again re; inspiration! How to slim up the wait line? Is winter now, let's get started now.

In love and life, there is a silver lining to every cloud. Just remember to look up at the sky, and smile.   ---unknown

---photo by Samsung Android / Ma Abena