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Sacred Arts On Line is a site for those who want the best, to see only the best. All will touch on wisdom and sacred arts and sometimes it is not so obvious the connection. The beauty of this site are the 'ah ha' moments that will reverberate for decades, even an eternity. We intend to plant the best seeds, add life to life! Feel free, feel inspired and speak up wisely and w/love about anything you see here and may have questions or concerns about. I really need sign ups so that we may be educative, & sacred. It can be creative, fun and filled with wonder, just the way life can be.



Ma Abena / Sacred Woman Abena, MA is business minded, interested in arts and loves evaluating productions from around the world to bring it in a wise and the educative way. She is wisdom seeker who has faced the truthh that we can't just see life w/one eye like the man, according to LaKota holy man (Lame Deer), and a proverb that says he crys w/only one eye (Zulu) we really do need to borrow the eyes of the wise to know what to even think.


Contact: (best), cell: 571-458-9516, Pinterest, sacredartsonline. VM for cell is on the way. PLEASE JOIN THIS SITE! Truly, there is no sweet without sweat. Thank you.



Photo credits; Samsung Galaxy and Ma Abena, additional credits 

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