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Greatness in music dance Africa-storytelling & art Popular artists from around the world

  • is better by far to go in hope than ever arrive in Life

  • Life arriving via stellar Life gods-goddesses

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  • A few of the best proverbs; improve your love & life

  • Proverbs a few of the best insights, like 'a great thought unfurls its wisdom eternally. From it all solutions evolve'.     

  • *Africa  * female * wisdom shaman

  • Artist upload-> talent show!

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  • Cuts above and around!

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  •  Dance, be in your video. If you can't dance, forget about praying! (proverb, means we can move movement breaths are life)

  • Have you considered yourself good enough to be one of Fela's dancers or perform with Femi and Seun? All in heaven s tyme

  • Learn core body dance moves!  Build basic muscles for the best dance, your spine, coccyx, gluts, legs and thigh muscles and more. Learn to dance with patience, in every move you make, in every cake you bake! Patience is bitter, it's fruits are sweet.

  • Join a local easy going, fun and transformative class featureing dance lessons for the artists in you.

Hearts speak

Treat life the way you want to be treated Treat the life of all the way you would want to be treated

Truths-love-life speaks unto us

We speak truth-love-life to all of life

River Tyme proclaimed that quick quick made hen miscarry

Talk heard by kids arrives as a foolish story

Put away the vessels kids are listening

wise words poetry by Abena

You Cried, Heaven Heard. You Smiled, Heaven Smiled Back

When You Learn To Get Along in Love and Life.

You talk about diseases that are cured.

Diseases are cured, not death

When you learn to get along in life,

One does not clear the ground where one will die.

Learn to get along in life, life shatters.


Trouble, look for it and she will eat you.

You search for it and it will take you.

Kinda like going beyond the limit,

It will not leave you alone until it goes behind you!

Learn to get along in life, life shatters.


One does not point at bad luck with ones finger.

In a shower of rain, no one talks of thunder!

One does not clear the ground where they will die.

One does not talk loudly of a death wake for oneself.

One does not call for trouble for oneself.

Learn to get along in life.


---Wisdom Poetry, By Abena

---Photo Samsung Galaxy / Aabena

Heaven s fields of Love Life; more lessons on heavens fields beginnings of Life anon Butter cannot fight against the sun (proverb that means things man made are for a season or tyme Heaven made things lasting forever) In traditional life who passed on knowledge in village life?

bbee lost.jpg
  • Is Set Satan?

  • 17th century life like all Life Everyone combs their hair the way they want

  • enlightenment silo-linear and dichotomy-binary opposition

  • Greece-Greeks western Life

  • Ubuntu-Ma'at Life's renewal learning growth Going beyond limits in life Beyond harmony-balance?

  • when a child cries for a razor give it to child Child learns to respect razor

  • help even foolishness in trouble or you create trouble

  • teach the wise do not bother with foolishness!

  • In life going beyond limits life will not leave limits alone until going beyond limits

copy and paste in browser African man in a classroom of life

  • Use eletronic payment. One time introductory subscription fee set at only $10. This gets you access to dance classes, and a local class set up.


  • Contact line:  (561) 524-0119, toll free from cellular device.  New line, please be patient, leave your message and someone will get back to you. Email:


  • Ma Abena classes feature:  Connection storytelling dance and music.

  • BABY BEE LOST IN HEAVENS FIELD: secrets of the chameleon. CP Tyme Chameleon People colored Tyme Life in living breathing color

  • In life what happens when mama don't dance and papa don't Rock N Roll!

  • In Life what happens when mysic created by Africa survives in the US what do we get? Why Rock and Roll of course! We get Rock and Roll Rap Jazz Pop Soul and much more! Amazing!

  • Sound echoing over and over Chameleon Life

Subscriptions available Starting at $2.99

  • Life is no locking into a station! Thank heaven for life defying borders going beyond man's comfort zone

  • Change is only thing constant!

Happi Mother day! Ma Africa

All her daughters living loving and awake in the darkness

Black Life Gods-Goddess his-her story in the USA what happens in USA stays there

  • Hustler's Corner

  • Audio BookMasters

Separating fields of knowledge All knowledge belongs to God

Bend down to blow the grains Stand up when speaking with Heaven Other wife of the tree of life floating river Tyme Floating river Nothingness Such is life Take Life easy

Which continent is known for musical genres? 

Google share learnings.
  Above Guns N Roses says it all!
MaRimBa dreaming beautiful worlds
Designed into Guns N Roses s video. 
Feminine dance! Dance w/patience every move you make every cake you bake.

Ugly old man of the North! The man sister traveled to marry! Frozen beard crackling bones and rasping voice

Long thin fingers full of dis-ease and healing!

Talk about adding life to life! Spoken words; those of great authority leave magic shadows alone Continue to speak to the language of Love Life  --proverb from the continent kyndly rendered

Making it plain Thank you Eyes ears windows-doors in house made by Heaven when Heaven  made Heaven Tune to highest frequency!

North America? No problem O!
Find thy mother-month, opposite 6 months out from birth month. Duality of life built into everything in Life-death Victory to Life

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  • Talks with rap artists  shines Thank you

  • Life is like that Butter cannot fight against the Sun

  • River of Tyme gave the knife the owners sharpened that slaughtered the owners

  • Meaning life is justice balance MAAT

2013 or 2023? Same talk same problems Hunger affect people the same way Problems affect people differently

Words of compassion from the motherland

Creating divine currents in River Tyme what a notable Life

Being Alone


There is an epidemic of loneliness in the modern world. People crave connection but are unsure of how to create it. This easy to read eBook shows how. Priced to sell on the mass market. Please tell the world!  And besides that, being alone is only good for (going to thetoilet!

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See life with new eyes See old stuff with new eyes New things bending toward old life!

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What NOT to wear! Be in style.  In love and life, is infinite wisdom to resemble the times, than your fathers or. ..?

What To Wear, How to come across!

Coming soon


  • Movies form Nigeria


  • Movies from around the world









'Eternity heard the utterances. Divine ecstasy? Only truth is known, only hearts speak. Hearts listened with no words; hearing many songs @ once, a discord, Life's highest of truths. Turth beyond familiar harmonies of earth'   --- Kunene

In love and life are there only two ways of looking?  If there are four spiritual eyes, why are there only two ways of seeing? 

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Our Promise to You. ...

  • Africa, asia, india are vast all the 7  planes. How to know books, tapes,  vids to select? "Wow! Need to know more about history. Glad posted this on line", it was said.Won't want waste time selecting the best, life is busy so NP Joining this site with laughter smiles and not be bored.



  • movie club takes a hard look for you. Great roles for women, tradition, royal, spiritual & post modern. Steer clear the issues created by demeaning women, and many other areas of love and life Storytelling is of Africa Music and life-the stars.


  • Our contact line is 216-415-2984, Feel free to call Leave stories Deal with membership or if you have joined and don't want to wait



On Line Art Exhit
Colours Are One: Black, Blue and Indigo Are  Family!

Luna Stellar Bull Life

  • Enjoy greatness from the best artists, music, dance styles, Africa and around the world.


  • What can I expect? Videos with a focus on love and life, and to increasing knowledge decreasing blunders.


  • Lively and focused discussion on the blog page that touches on things of today.


  • Stereotype  free and  responsive productions on the subject matter of our age and every age: love and life.


  • 3000+ NEW members signing up Take next step with inspiring hot platform for love, life and you! Be the next to join?


  • Free and discounted tickets to live (in studio), as well as on-line classes, shows and the best productions that feature sacred arts.

star of Western Civilization or?

Heaven a house built when God made God Rooms with windows and doors created for all of life when God created God Late Great Credo Mutwa and tradition from Southern Africa thoughts on who is God. Here reference for African woman in legend who unveils face of God--Liaya!

Solar Life

Wisdom is the only thing eternal

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